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Who is Jesus, Where did He come from? 


Somebody wrote this beautiful passage one time where they said:


All the armies that have ever marched and 

all the navies that have ever sailed,

all the parliaments that have ever sat and 

all the kings that ever reigned

put together have not affected

life upon earth as powerfully as this one solitary life.


When you think about the way

that Jesus was born in comparative obscurity and 

He never did all the typical things usually denote greatness, 

He never led an army into battle,

He never led navy,

it doesn’t tell us that He ever wrote a book.

He didn’t do any of the things that you typically think of with greatness we don’t know what He looked like..

And yet He changed all of history…

What is the Real Gospel of Jesus?


How one is saved, by the life, death and priestly ministry of Jesus Christ?

Should be the simplest subject in all of the Bible but unfortunatelly, tragically there have been many versions of the gospel proclaim, urged upon this human race since God instituted His plan way back in the Garden of Eden.

We are going to compare two versions of gospel, two versions of how one is saved by the life and death of Jesus Christ. So that you will have a better way of evaluating for yourself which is God´s way and which may not be God´s way at all. Jesus, remember He talked about a narrow road and a wide road and we need to know the difference between those paths to eternal life.

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