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Love is willing to take risks, you see when God created His beings, He gave them the power of choice and when you do that, you run the risk that´s some of His creatures may choose to go contrary to His wishes.


If this rebellion was against the authority of God, then that authority implies a system of legal governance, they must have been laws, regulations which formed the foundation of the government of God.


God´s government is one of order and harmony, like any government, it has a law a set of protective boundaries for both its citizens and the kingdom´s welfare. It is the law that guarantees peace and happiness and any departure from it and danger the harmony of the entire universe.

Laws of Love and Freedom

Everything the Bible says about God, it says about His Law, because the Law of God is the perfect expression of His will and His character.

Our lives are regulated every day by law but that law is not there to restrict or to take away our freedom. You loose your freedom when you have no law. The Law is there to protect your liberties, and it´s also true that the Law of God it´s not designed to take away your happiness but to give real peace and happiness comes from the Word of God and the Law of God.

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